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Xbox Game Pass Best Games (2021) #2

J Tube
Published on 04 Feb 2021 / In Gaming

in 2021 Xbox Game Pass continues to improve and push the boundaries for subscription gaming services. Now offering gamers more freedom then ever with their cloud enabled games that let you play your favorite Xbox Game Pass game on your phone, PC or tablet. Besides the great improvements Xbox has made to Game Pass they have not forgotten what made Xbox Game Pass so good in the first place. The massive library of over 300 games when combining the Xbox and Game Pass Pc library has an incredible variety from massive AAA titles to indie masterpieces there is always something new to try. Recently I released a video featuring the top 10 best Xbox Game Pass games for 2021. but with so many great games not making the list I felt that I had to make another top 10 for all the other amazing games available on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass best games 2021 #1:

0:48 Battlefield 1
1:44 Gears Tactics
3:10 Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice
4:10 Deep Rock Galactic
5:02 Injustice 2
6:08 Dishonored 2
7:05 Bloodstained Ritual of the Night
7:33 Titanfall 2
8:25 Middle Earth Shadow of War
9:33 Deadcells

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