About us

JTube is an open content sharing platform and content marketplace for all to share and sell their content with the world. Monetization of content is the way to go, and it’s the future, we are precipitating its arrival.

JTUBE is for everyone, each channel is monetizable upon signing up and publishing content.

Our value proposition for content creators is the promise of an extra revenue stream with higher earnings and faster pay-outs compared to other platforms.

We achieve this with a model that has less stringent monetization requirements – prioritizing quality original content over factors like watch time and subscribers.

With JTube, user get to set the cost of ther content.

JTube gives the direct power to revenue or content by content owners where you:

1.You can monetize your channel for a monthly subscription to users.

2.You can sell your videos/content to viewers.

3.You can rent your videos/content to viewers